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This piece is just COOL. Once a radio cabinet ca. the 1930s, it has been transformed into a sleek, modern, sophisticated bar cabinet, complete with interior LED puck lights! Looking for a stylish piece for storing your bottles, stemware, and other entertaining items? Look no more! The deep carbon gray paint color combines beautifully with the refinished natural wood grain. A gold metallic accent detail accentuates the new gilt hardware, and a shimmery metallic wallpaper lining the inside gives retro chic charm! We have a feeling this handsome fella won't last long!

1930s Walnut Bar Cabinet

  • This piece was originally a radio cabinet. It came from Wyandotte and originally belonged to the grandmother of the seller. Based on the “S.W.” within a heart engraved on the hinges, we can tell he was built between 1920 - 1935 when the heart-shape was used as a memorial to the long-time president of Stanley Works, William Hart, who died in 1915.

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