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Detroit Rose Candles are hand poured using additive-free soy wax, lead-free cotton wicks, and premium fragrance oils. Available in a variety of scents, including seasonal offerings. [8 oz.]



[nutmeg  | orange | oak]

Your grandfather’s old leather chair welcomes you to a fireside sip to warm up and reflect. Smooth, bright notes of orange and nutmeg stirred into oak and caramel-y bourbon, like an aromatic taste of a classic Old Fashioned.



[cinnamon | spice | vanilla]

Warm vanilla paired with a spicy blend of cardamom, ginger and cinnamon. Both delicate and bright, let this be an invitation to turn on the kettle and crack open a book.



[oak | black amber | cinnamon]

Dee Dee's signature scent candle was custom blended to create a warm, cozy, inviting atmosphere in any space.



[single note]

Fruit, spice and soft wood notes capture the delicate romance of the fig tree. Alluring with its spicy sweetness, this fragrance may induce moments of rapture or enlightenment, just as its namesake has been doing so for thousands of years.


[single note]

Clean, crisp and wild - and the only companion you need to a night of self-care. Light bedside or while soaking in the tub to soothe, relax and recharge.


MISTLETOE (seasonal)

[juniper |  cedar | pine]

Deep forest with bright juniper and sweet currant notes. A true holiday sensation that can be enjoyed any time of year.



[bergamot | oak | black amber]

The sun setting over a canyon, the shadows reaching into the mysteries of the sandy rock beyond. Dramatic black amber invites the darkness into this velvety, intoxicating fragrance while hints of bright bergamot, sweet patchouli and rich oak dazzle in the dwindling sunlight.



[green apple | vetiver | black cardamom]

Bright eucalyptus and green apple tease spicy undertones of clove and cardamom to bring a truly unique fragrance that is uplifting and softening. An invitation for you to reflect and expand on your relationship to self and community.


WOODS (seasonal)

[cedar | black pepper | musk]

A deep inhale of verdant woods mingles with black pepper, bergamot, and musk. Fresh and captivating, evoking the brisk chill of a walk in the woods, fallen leaves beneath your feet, near a northern cabin getaway.


Detroit Rose Candles

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