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Lady Rose Specialty Teas is a lifestyle brand that promotes education, community engagement, and empowerment for all women and men, while acknowledging unique concerns for Black women and women of color. Using 100% natural herbs sourced both globally and locally, Lady Rose Specialty Teas provides customized herbal infusions and tea products as an alternative to the toxic products we put in and, on our bodies daily, to promote self-love, empowerment, and holistic wellness.  [1 oz., makes 10 servings.]



[roasted carob | roasted dandelion | cacao | cinnamon | nutmeg]

Custom blend produced specifically for Dee Dee's; promotes happiness, community, family, and love.



[hibiscus |  lemongrass | rosehip | orange peel | cinnamon | ginger]

Packed with vitamins C, A, E, and B-complex to provide energy, helps eliminate toxins.



[jasmine green tea | lemongrass | orange peel]

Packed with antioxidants, boosts energy.



[oatstraw | oat tops | lemon balm | chamomile | peppermint]

Reduces stress and anxiety, calms stomach and nerves, supports restful sleep.


Lady Rose Specialty Teas

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