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One of the more spectacular pieces we've come across, this large parlor lamp boasts a glass dome shade in soft amber and white that is adorned with bronze appliqué roses and trimmed with 4-inch U-drop crystals. The cast bronze base features an ornate daisy motif that complements the floral design of the shade. It is believed to be the product of a now-shuttered lamp manufacturer in Pennsylvania and likely dates to the early 1970s. Fitted with its original glass chimney, this lamp will serve as an elegant focal point in any room.

Ornate Crystal-Trimmed Parlor Lamp

  • This lamp is believed to be the product of Barad Lamps, a now-shuttered lamp manufacturer from Pennsylania. Based on the inventory sticker on the bulb base, it was purchased new sometime during the early 1970s from Beffel Lighthing, a nearly-century old business that was based in Jackson, Michigan.

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