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This is the little chair that could, and it has captured our hearts. Its turn-of-the-century construction, elegant spindles, gorgeous wood grain, and original caning are about as traditional as early American furniture gets. Over the years it accumulated a few cracks that were repaired long ago; like all well-constructed items, though, it is just as sturdy as ever. After the loose joints were tightened and some gouges touched up, a good cleaning and some tung oil is all it took to restore the lustre of this handsome chair. After all these years, it still has plenty of life left as a side chair in your den or an accent chair in a bedroom.

Turn of the Century Oak Accent Chair

  • The origin and exact age of this chair are unknown, but the construction and style indicate that it dates to the turn of the twentieth century. It was purchased from an estate sale in Sterling Heights; the seller's late father was an antiques dealer.

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