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This chic 1930s art deco vanity seat is fresh, fashionable, and functional. We loved the clean lines and retro cool of this seat, an inherited family item that was purchased in the metro Detroit area. Underneath the outler layer of fabric was the original upholstery(!), which was once an emerald green but had long ago faded and deteriorated beyond repair. To pay homage to the original look we selected a vintage fabric in a lush green fern print, then sanded the dark wood stain and painted it antique white. You don't need a vanity to enjoy this beauty -- it adds elegant seating to any bedroom, office, or sitting area in your home. A throw pillow was created using the existing fabric that was rescued prior to reupholstery.

Art Deco Vanity Seat

$135.00 Regular Price
$95.00Sale Price
  • This vanity seat is an inherited family item and was purchaed in the metro Detroit area. It dates to the 1930s.

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