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This exquisite antique gesso mirror will elevate any mantel, hallway, or bedroom in your home. Gesso is an Italian plaster-like substance that is applied in layers to wood then painted. Both the style (neoclassical) and the construction (small nails affix the mirror to the frame) suggest that this mirror is from the early 20th century.  Like all good design it is timeless, and thuys will look as fabulous in a modern home as it did more than a hundred years ago! Note: the glass has some antiquing, resulting in black marks and mottling as noted in the photos. We believe this is authentic evidence of its age and gives it appealing character, but if desired the mirror could be repaired or replaced.

Antique Gesso Mantel Mirror

  • The exact date is unknown, but the style and construction suggest that this piece most likely dates to the early twentieth century. It came from an estate sale in Warren.

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